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Flow meter for volume flow metering of sewage water in gravity pipelines, flumes and collectors


  • Nominal pipeline diameter (Dy), mm – 80..10000 mm;

  • Collector depth – 80..1600 mm;

  • Collector width – 100..10000 mm;

  • Process temperature – 0..150 °С;

  • Flow meter power – alternating current system with voltage of 187 to 242 V and frequency of (50±1) Hz;



 Flow meter is designed to measure volume liquid flow on the following types of pipelines:

• Gravity pipeline (including pipelines with methane gas and foam accumulation over a liquid surface);

•  Collectors: rectangular, trapezoidal;

• Channels beds are of free form.

 Flow measurement in the gravity pipelines is performed, when a filling level is 30 to 1600 mm. Limit of main permissible relative accuracy of filling level measurement is not more than 1.5%, when filling levels are 3% to 100% from the maximum level, but not less than 30 mm. Flow meter provides a frequency output signal with a frequency of 0 to 1000 Hz that is proportional to volume liquid flow. Additionally, it is possible to organize a unified output signal of direct current (4-20) mA as well as to store in the nonvolatile memory and output through serial interface RS232 and RS485 of archival measurement data to personal computer. 


Company DNIPRO-UKRAINE LLC develops, produces, designs and installs the ultrasonic flow meters DNEPR-7U to measure all types of liquid and gaseous energy resources transferred by pressure and gravity way both in open flumes and collectors as well as in pipes made of plastic, steel, cast iron, concrete, ceramics and other types with different diameter and flow range.

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