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Company DNIEPER-UKRAINE develops, produces and promotes know-how in the field of industrial instrument engineering, including ultrasonic and contactless flow meters in stationary and portable design to Ukrainian market under the trademark DNEPR-7U.

Today, the efficient metering organization of fuel and energy resources has a great importance for Ukraine, which is one of the main tasks for energy saving. Flow meters with ultrasonic sensors in removable design are urgent for today because:

- accuracy of meters measurement remains constant for the entire duration of operation (contactless with measurement medium);

- energy saving is achieved by measuring method at which any obstacles are absent in the path of measured flow (sensors are installed on the external pipeline surface);

- flow meter price does not depend on pipeline diameter and many other things…

Throughout its existence, the company became the leader in supplying devices for contactless flow measurement of any liquids (including sewage water in pressure and gravity collectors), heat transfer medium and heat energy in boiler houses and house basements, vapor (saturated and superheated), gas (industrial),air.

Ultrasonic flow meters DNEPR-7U are devices of general industrial designation with removable and cut-in options of sensors installation and can be used on facilities of housing and public services, central heating and power plant, atomic power plant, in chemical, oil-producing, metallurgy, food processing, pulp-and-paper and other branches of industry. Production of company DNIPRO-UKRAINE is presented by the following devices:

Stationary ultrasonic flow meters

This type of devices should be used:

  • In systems of cold and hot water supply.
  • In systems, which use saturated (superheated) vapor, gas (air).
  • In systems of heat supply and wastewater disposal.

Devices are made in solid and metal housings. They are installed in selected place, easy-to-work and certified in Ukraine.

Portable ultrasonic flow meters. 

Devices are produced in several types: with embedded notebook computer – for full, extended and partial audit, metering and volume flow control of different liquids types (water, oil, petrol, oil residue and gasoline) in systems of water, gas and heat supply and wastewater disposal.


Company DNIPRO-UKRAINE LLC develops, produces, designs and installs the ultrasonic flow meters DNEPR-7U to measure all types of liquid and gaseous energy resources transferred by pressure and gravity way both in open flumes and collectors as well as in pipes made of plastic, steel, cast iron, concrete, ceramics and other types with different diameter and flow range.

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